Turkish Embassy in Tehran


Turkish Embassy in Tehran

Turkish-Iranian diplomatic relations date back centuries ago.


The first permanent Turkish Ambassador to Tehran is Esad Efendi, who was appointed in 1835. On the other hand,  according to the Iranian sources, the official opening of the Turkish Embassy in Tehran was in 1851.


In 1877 in the era of Sultan Abdulhamid, during the mission of Munif Pasha, the Ambassador (he had also been the Minister of Education) the land of the residence of Turkish Embassy was purchased. The area of the land is approximately 65,000 m2.


The chancellery building on Ferdowsi Str. and also the residence building in Pole Rumi were built at the time of Enis Akaygan, the Ambassador (1934-1939). Both of the buildings have been used since 1939.


The building on Ferdowsi str. was used as both a chancellery and residence till 1964. In 1964 the residence building was moved to Pole Rumi.


The architect of both buildings was Seyfi Arıkan. (1903-1966)


At the time of the Ottomans and the first period of the Republic, Turkey had its consulates in the cities of Bushehr, Horasan, Julfa, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Rasht, Mashhad, Tabriz and Urumiyeh. Today Turkey only has its consulates in Tabriz and Urumiyeh. In the near future, a new consulate will also be made in Mashhad.